Rsync-Backup is a simple utility for backing up network-connected hosts to hard disk(s). Rsync-Backup was inspired by Rsnapshot, but shares no code with it. The basic design is to mirror all the data on each host to the backup server each day, using Rsync as the transport utility. Unchanged files are hard-linked to the previous backup. (Rsync provides a feature, --link-dest, to do the hard-link.) Rsync only sends files that have changed. Periodically, all the files are verified to ensure consistency (using Rsync's --checksum option). Rsync-Backup's primary purpose is to schedule backups by executing Rsync, delete old data, periodically verify existing data, generate reports, and provide a convenient configuration interface.

Primary features:

Advantages over Rsnapshot:

Limitations: Rsync-Backup inherits some limitations from Rsync.

Project status: Currently, distribution is via Git. Currently, the best version is the latest. The code isn't complex or old enough to justify separate development and stable releases yet. It is running in several production environments, but as with any other young code, be prepared for some hiccups. Documentation is currently available by running the commands with no parameters.

If you're using Rsync-Backup, please let me know. If enough people pester me, I'll set up a mailing list.