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Google's docs on creating Android apps without Eclipse are a bit scattered. It's hard to find a concise end-to-end list of what needs to be done. Here it is, on MacOS, without Eclipse.

  • Unpack and cd into the android SDK.
  • Run "tools/android &". It'll pop up a GUI.
  • Download and install the 1.6 or 2.1 targets or w'e.
  • Create a Virtual Device.
  • Back to the Terminal, "tools/android list targets". Select your favorite, I'll use 6.
  • "tools/android create project --name Foo --package --activity FooActivity --target 6 --path ./foo"
  • cd foo
  • Write some code.
  • "ant debug" to build a test package.
  • Back to the GUI, start the Virtual Device corresponding to the --target you specified.
  • "ant install" to hook Foo into the running device.
  • From the phone emulator you have running now, Foo will show up in the applications menu.
  • To cycle, "ant uninstall", "ant debug", "ant install", and choose Foo from the applications menu again.