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Using Dump and Restore


  • /dev/sa0 rewind on close
  • /dev/nsa0 no rewind on close
  • /dev/esa0 eject on close
/sbin/dump 0aLuf /dev/sa0 /
  • dump level 0
  • a means write till end of tape received
  • L means you're backing up a live system
  • u means update /etc/dumpdates
  • f means filename to dump to


Use mt to control tapes

  • Tape operations with mt
  • mt rewind - rewind tape

Command line fun

tar czvf - /var | ssh "cat > backup-var.tgz"
cp -PRp

Moving to a new disk

/stand/sysinstall, fdisk and disklabel new disk, mount somewhere new
cd /mnt/new
dump -0 -L -f - / | restore -rf - 

rsnapshot backups

  • This command is nice to find the large files that get backed up every day. Sometimes there'll be a large log file or somethign that should be zipped and archived:
find . -links 1 -type f -size +1000000c | xargs ls -hl