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We have started an Index of content (included right). Another useful way to browse is through Special:Allpages.

The logo for this site is user-contributed, since Bilbo is completely incapable of making anything resembling some sort of art. Users can discuss and modify the logo.

Bilbo is the owner, so be nice to him.  ;) Feel free to edit his articles, though; that's the whole point of a wiki. (He's pretty easy-going, in spite of his curmudgeonly decision -- see below).

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Index Talk

Talk:Index is included here temporarily because the Index is central to this site, and yet it is still in its early stages.

I moved some of the pages into a hierarchy by using a slash to separate levels. Let's see how well it works out. My thought is we can use a hierarchy to classify pages by their primary purpose, then use categories to provide additional cross-linking. The hierarchy seems important, though, since we need a way to separate, for example, identical concepts on FreeBSD and Linux without massive naming conflicts.

-- Bilbo 23:23, 4 April 2006 (CDT)

I put Command Line under Languages. I'd be fine with moving it though. Maybe it could even be its own root-level category?

-- Bilbo 15:14, 30 March 2006 (CST)


Operating Systems



  • Mutt
  • SSH
  • Patch
  • Pine
  • Svn - subversion server and client commands
  • Bzr - Bazaar, branching and managing bundles
  • netcat - Using netcat for file transfer