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Amanda QuickAndroid quickyApache
Apache/Resource LimitsAr
Bacula Quick
BzrC/C PreprocessorCommon Lisp
Compiler Options for Creating Odd BinariesConfiguring a mail server on FreeBSDConnect() with timeout (in Perl)
Convert UFS to ZFSCreating and using an encrypted directoryDSL Bridge Hack
Dates, Times, and Timezones (in perl)
Debugging PowerPC ELF BinariesDump and Restore over SSH
Dynamic DNS with BINDExpectExtracting an rpm to a local directory
FreeBSD/JailsFreeBSD/Jails and portauditFreeBSD/Memory Disk
FreeBSD/ifconfigFreeBSD console tweakingGCC
Gnu ToolchainGnu Toolchain/Compatibility Matrix
Gnu Toolchain/GLIBC/Gnu Toolchain/GLIBC/Building GLIBC
Gnu Toolchain/GLIBC/Debugging GLIBCGnu Toolchain/GLIBC/FAQGnu Toolchain/GLIBC/Modifying GLIBC
Gnu Toolchain/RelinkGraphite FreeBSD QuickHow to Create Another Mediawiki Using the Same Source Code
IndexInstalling MediaWiki
Link By HandLinuxLinuxHardwareCap
Linux PowerPC 32 ELF ABILinux cross installation
MacOS Tweaks For Unix GeeksMain PageMaking Friends With Command Line Perl
MySQLMySQL BackupsMySQL Slaving featuring FreeBSD Snapshots
NTP for WindowsNmObjdump
OpenBGPD QuickOpenSSL QuickOpenSSL with nonblocking sockets (in Perl)
Perl/Geo-Proj4Perl/MinGWPerl/Regex Tester
Perl/mod perlPinePortable SQL
PostgreSQL On FreeBSDPythonRPM tricks
ReadelfReboot FreeBSD into mdRedirect on URL Match
RubySSHSSL Certs
Scalable PF RulesetsSending email (in Perl)Serial Over RJ-45
Setting global variable defaults (perl)Static Linkers and Dyanmic Link LoadersStripped and Tweaked httpd.conf
SubversionSubversion managed home directory
SysArch forSETclTracking cvs trunk with svn
Udev and autofs rules for automounting removable devicesUsbkey udev and autofs rulesVNC via an SSH tunnel
Windows/Rsync BackupsWindows/Tera Term SSHWindows Boot Repair
netcatsed quickvim