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Feel free to edit the list of requirements: Please move removed text to a 'discussion' section for later/possible defense.

Current Project Stage

  • requirements gathering


  • Write A tutorial
  • Version Control system
  1. Subversion - looks good
  2. git & rsync - too much work?
  3. cvs - blah
  • Symlink generation scripts
  1. create symlinks to . files redirected into subversion dot-file archive.
  • Permissions warning scripts
  1. run this script to warn you of files that are in public repositories if they're new files.
  • Encrypted directory support
  1. used for personal data that you'd keep encrypted anyway
  • /etc/ tie-in
  • Tie in rsync directories that aren't in the repository.
  1. used for backing up media (video, images, music, art, etc).
  2. outside of project scope?
  • Provide scripts for creating multiple subversion directories
  1. use a config file for deciding permissions & names
  2. Create a 'boilerplate' schema to setup a default layout and recommended permission for each.
  3. Help to make sure files are organized in the most portable method possible
  • Script for rsync backing of the subversion repository to external host
  1. There have been comments that subversion's database/filesystem is flaky at times.
  • Scripts for subversion repository backing to CD/DVD
  • Scripts to handle check in/out automatically
  1. should work as a cron and/or upon login/logout
  • Scripts should work on Linux, BSD, Mac OSX, Windows (?)
  • Repository should have a light-weight checkout method
  1. Some users don't have install authority to fully install svn
  2. rsync slaves with read-only permissions might work but there are problems with ssh