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Tera Term is a Windows app, so its relation to Devpit may be questionable. Sometimes us unix guys have to help Windows users log into our systems, though, and this page is to help those users.

These instructions are for default settings. Adjust as necessary.

  • Download,, and teraterm.ini from to your desktop
  • Install Tera Term:
    • Double-click
    • Double-click on setup.exe.
    • Click Next until finished.
  • Install TTSSH:
    • Double-click
    • Copy its contents to C:\Program Files\TTERMPRO
  • Copy teraterm.ini to C:\Program Files\TTERMPRO
  • Adjust start menu: Don't forget to do this part to get SSH support!
    • Right-click on the start menu, choose Open
    • Double click on Programs, then Tera Term
    • Right-click on Tera Term Pro, choose Properties
    • Change the text that reads "ttermpro.exe" to "ttssh.exe" (Don't change the other text in that box.)
    • Click OK.
  • Delete the three installation files if you want.

Now you can use SSH by starting Tera Term from the start menu, selecting SSH as the "Service", typing the appropriate hostname, and clicking OK.